Mickey's Grades

This is Mickey's score for each week and an accumulated score for the year. It's important here to remember that Mickey uses only hard numbers and because of that, at the beginning of the year he will be off quite a bit because of the lack of statistical numbers. However, as the year goes along, he should get better at his picks.

week 1 75% accuracy (12 out of 16) A passing grade, ok for the start of a new season
week 2 56% accuracy (9 out of 16) Slipped some but I'm happy I picked Chicago losing the game!
week 3 63% accuracy (10 out of 16) Again, missed the pick for da Bears but that's OK with me!
week 4 69% accuracy (9 out of 13) An almost passing grade, but needs improvement!
week 5 80% accuracy (12 out of 15) A decent score this past weekend... now to keep this going!
week 6 47% accuracy (7 out of 15) A horrible week. Mickey really messed up big time!
week 7 73% accuracy (11 out of 15) A little bit better than last week; at least a passing grade!
week 8 73% accuracy (11 out of 15) Same as last week, at least it didn't get worse!
week 9 62% accuracy (8 out of 13) Mickey's slipping, not good at all. He needs to improve and soon!
week 10 69% accuracy (9 out of 13) A little better than last week but still a long way to go...
week 11 64% accuracy (9 out of 14) Mickey's slipping, not doing well at all...
week 12 80% accuracy (12 out of 15) Finally, another good score for the past weekend!
week 13 63% accuracy (10 out of 16) He's slipping again...
week 14 44% accuracy (7 out of 16) Holy red checkmark Batman, totally unacceptable and Mickey really did poorly last weekend...
week 15 50% accuracy (8 out of 16) Simply not good at all and the year is almost over; hope Mickey does better the next two weekends...

Year to date . . .
144 out of 224, 64% accuracy

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